Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Poll shows more people now want Gillard Government to run full term

Essential Report* on 30 April 2012:

48% think the Labor Government should run its full term until the 2013 election and 42% think an election should be held now.
10% don’t know.

*This report summarises the results of a weekly omnibus conducted by Essential Research with data provided by Your Source. The survey was conducted online between the 25th and 29th April and is based on 1,051 respondents.


peter said...

Now if only journalists thought that too ...

Patriciawa said...

If only Australian journalists thought!

sue said...

clarencegirl, thanks again for publishing a poll that will not feature in the msm. the msm will not run stories that do not match their agenda or do not support abbott's demand on the independents.
patriciawa, too true