Friday, 1 January 2021

NSW COVID-19 State of Play, 11am 1 January 2021

At 8pm on 31 December 2020 confirmed new COVID-19 cases in New South Wales stood at 3 locally acquired cases in Western Sydney (all males) and 2 cases acquired overseas.

The sources of 2 of these locally acquired cases are not yet known and they join 11 other cases whose sources are still unknown.

To date the Avalon cluster now numbers 146 infected people, the Croydon cluster 9 infected people including 3 children and what is now being called the Wollongong cluster has not been given a defined population - but is possibly as small as two.

Genome testing reveals that the Croydon & Wollongong clusters are connected to the Avalon cluster.

After16 days the NSW Dept. of Health and the Berejiklian Government allegedly have no idea who "Patient Zero" is for the Avalon cluster or how this person became infected.

Active COVID-19 infections have grown to 173 cases and 3 of these people have been admitted to hospital as of 31 December. 

In the last 7 days up until 8pm on 31 December there were a total of 90 new COVID-19 cases - 50 per cent of which were locally acquired infections.

Sadly, the state government is still refusing to mandate mask wearing outside the home in Northern Beaches, Greater Sydney or Wollongong.

Therefore, expect a long, drawn out battle to keep the infection rate below 1 per cent.

Australia Covid-19 State of Play, 11 am 1 January 2021

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