Sunday, 15 July 2012

We knew nothing! cry Stoner and Gulaptis

The Sergeant Schultz defence has been given an airing by NSW Nationals this week as they seek to hide from their decision to close Grafton Gaol and leave only a small 60-bed remand centre in its place.

This was NSW Deputy Premier and NSW Nationals Leader Andrew Stoner and the Nationals Member for Clarence Chris Would I lie To You? Gulpatis on the subject………

The Daily Examiner in Grafton

5 July 2012:
Chris Gulaptis: “I didn’t know about the closure of the gaol as it was happening….I was not involved in the process. I was not consulted about it”

14 July 2012:
NSW Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner has said in a radio interview he knew nothing about the full extent of the Grafton Jail closure even though it had been in the planning since October last year.

However, it is not ignorance concerning the closure but convenient amnesia which both Stoner and Gulaptis are displaying. As this timeline indicates……

Country Labor November 2011

NSW Attorney General Greg Hunt

8 November 2011: