Monday, 9 March 2020

Northern NSW Local Health Area backs down for now - but Lower Clarence communities are closely watching for any move which will effectively reduce available bed space at Maclean District Hospital

The Daily Examiner, 6 March 2020: 

The decision by the Northern NSW Local Health Area to back away from plans to reconfigure the wards of Maclean District Hospital represents a win for the people, and a new opportunity for the community of Maclean to have a greater say in their beloved hospital. 

In an announcement made on Wednesday, NNSWLHD chief executive Wayne Jones said the Maclean Community Advisory Group would be established to help steer future decisions on the hospital, which is what they should have done in the first place, rather than ram through unpopular changes without adequate community and staff consultations. 

I sincerely believe the NNSWLHD Board underestimated just how hard the Maclean community were prepared to fight for their hospital. 

Community meetings, petitions and even a march were all planned and organised in no time to fight against the changes....


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