Thursday, 19 March 2020

There are fines for breaking Australia's national large gatherings ban dring the COVID-19 pandemic

Crikey Worm, 16 March 2020:


State governments and police will take responsibility for enforcing penalties over the new quarantine rules, with Morrison encouraging a “dob in” your mate system, and Pedestrian.TV reporting that, under existing rules, fines for breaching public health orders carry wildly different penalties according to state.
  • Victoria: $6,400
  • Tasmania: $8,400
  • Queensland: $13,345
  • South Australia: $25,000
  • NSW: $11,000 and six months’ jail
  • WA: $50,000 and 12 months’ jail
The Sydney Morning Herald and the ABC respectively report both NSW and Western Australia police will enforce the existing laws; ditto Queensland police, who will conduct random check-ins.
South Australia, meanwhile, has officially declared a public health emergency, the ABC reports.

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