Thursday, 19 March 2020

COVID-19 Pandemic 2020: Clarence Valley Council taking social distancing seriously

Now, when do we hear that this local government council has also considered not just the health and safety of its own workforce, but how it will support the basic needs during this pandemic of the est. 17.5% of the Clarence Valley population 70 years of age and over whom social distancing is going to make just that little bit more vulnerable during a prolonged period of physical isolation, the est. 29% who live alone often without family support and, the est. 5.4% of local residents who have no car and rely on local buses or taxis.

In case shire councillors need to be reminded, residents who fall into one or all three of these categories were already sometimes dying alone and unnoticed before this pandemic arrived on the NSW North Coast. The annual figure was not high, but this current situation has the potential to raise the incidence. 

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