Thursday, 5 March 2020

Houston we have a problem - our prime minister is a compulsive political liar


"Journalist: It was reported in the Wall Street Journal that an invitation was sought to the White House for Hillsong Pastor Brian Houston who’s a friend of yours and that was not backed? Can you tell us what happened there?
PM: I don’t comment on gossip.
J: So it’s not true?
J: Did you actually put a request in for him to…
PM: I don’t comment on gossip or stories about other stories.
J: Does that mean it’s not true though?
PM: It means it’s gossip.
J: But it…
PM: It means it’s gossip.
J: But not true?
PM: I’ve answered the question.
J: True or not true?" [Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison refusing to admit he had requested that the White House invite his 'mentor' & paedophile protector, Brian Houston, to an official dinner, The Guardian, 24 November 2019

ABC TV "7.30", 4 March 2020:

LEIGH SALES: You won't release the Gaetjens report into the sports rorts. Your office tried to conceal when you were on holidays in Hawaii in December.
The Government cited national security to avoid answering a question under FOI about whether Pastor Brian Houston was invited to a White House dinner although you have finally admitted this afternoon that he was invited.
Why all the secrecy on stuff that, on the surface, would seem to be not that big a deal?
SCOTT MORRISON: Those things aren't that big a deal that you have talked about, Leigh.
LEIGH SALES: But why the secrecy then?
SCOTT MORRISON: Leigh, I am just focused on the things that I took to the Australian people.
LEIGH SALES: I just want to know why the secrecy. You are not answering what I am asking.
SCOTT MORRISON: Leigh, well, I have disclosed the issues that you have referred to.
So, I mean, in relation to one of those matters I mean, I could have been more candid at the time about it. I wish I was but frankly it wasn't a big deal.
LEIGH SALES: But go back to the trust question. You want Australians to trust you. Does this excessive secrecy help that?
SCOTT MORRISON: I don't accept the assertion you are putting to me, Leigh. I mean you are making accusations.......
LEIGH SALES: Well, what about the Brian Houston thing. Why did you keep that a secret?
SCOTT MORRISON: Well, Leigh, at the time I was in the United States. We had had a very important meeting with the President of the United States. It was not a matter I was intending to be distracted by.
And look, at the time, I could have answered the question differently. I have been up front about that but honestly, at the end of the day, it was not a significant matter and people haven't asked me about it for months and months and months.
A journalist asked me about it today and I just answered it straight up.
LEIGH SALES: But the only reason I am asking about it, because it is a minor matter, is because of the secrecy around it.
I mean, there was an FOI request put in about it that came back and said that the information couldn't be disclosed because it would jeopardise Australia's relationship with the United States.....

The Australian, 4 March 2020:

Houston, we have a problem
This wasn’t a major issue when it was first raised. So why did it take PM so long to come clean on White House invitation for Hillsong’s Brian Houston? 

The Daily Telegraph4 March 2020, p.1O:

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has revealed he lobbied for Hillsong founder Brian Houston to be invited to a White House dinner as part of his state visit last year.
Mr Morrison previously dismissed the claim as gossip but yesterday revealed to 2GB’s Ben Fordham he requested the White House include him on the guest list.
“We put forward a number of names, that included Brian. But, not everybody whose name was put forward was invited,” Mr Morrison said.

Seems that like lying about whether he was in Hawaii on holiday or in Australia while mega bushfires raged, Scott Morrison is also sensitive about his continuing association with a man reportedly under investigation by the NSW Police in relation to his alleged coverup of child abuse perpetrated by his father.

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