Tuesday, 17 April 2012

APN's Peter Chapman turns even nastier than usual on the Fraser Coast

Excerpt from the Fraser Coast Chronicle on 13 April 2012:
...high-profile candidate is so worried about Election Gossip that he has been digging for some dirt of his own?
This man has even gone so far as to make calls to certain people in Grafton, New South Wales, in a desperate attempt to find anything at all he thinks he could use as a shield.
If this candidate believes he can spare himself the scrutiny of the Chronicle, he had better think again.
Stay tuned...
...the Stealth Reporter hears all...
It doesn’t take a genius to see the visage of Fraser Coast Chronicle Editor, Peter Chapman, behind this ‘column’ which appears dedicated to anonymous and scurrilous gossip concerning mayoral and councillor candidates in the Fraser Coast Regional Council Election called for 28 April 2012.
The Clarence Valley would not tolerate the ugly side of Mr. Chapman’s editorship of Grafton’s The Daily Examiner and told him so early and often. He left the Valley after less than fifteen months at the newspaper and went north into Queensland – sped on his way by widespread community dislike of his divisive journalistic personality.
I suspect that the Fraser Coast is now paying the price for not following the Valley’s example.
* Graphic from The Fraser Coast Chronicle

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