Monday, 9 April 2012

Your folly is risking our lives!

On 2 April 2012 Ray Hunt of Yamba on the NSW North Coast sent an email to Clarence Valley Council.

Because he is not alone in his concerns, this post is an excerpt from that email:

This morning 2-4-12, I was riding my bicycle out along Yamba Road at about 30kms p/hour in the cycle lane.

Approaching Freeburn St intersection I suddenly found the cycleway narrowing towards the newly laid curb and a motor vehicle veering onto me from my right.
I had nowhere to go and quickly applied my brakes causing me to skid.
The vehicle on my right was virtually on top of me blowing his horn. I could hear screeching noises coming from the vehicles behind as they quickly applies their brakes.

By the time I had nearly come to a stop the vehicle on my right began to move away and I noted the cycleway once again opening up.

No thanks to your staff I am very lucky to be alive today.

The roadworks at Freeburn intersection have just been altered, allowing for vehicles to stop before turning right into Freeburn Street. The motor vehicles following veer left into what was the cycle lane which just disappears and restarts 50m further up Yamba Road.

The curbing which has just been built does not allow for widening of the road to allow bicycles to continue up Yamba Road with safety.

Why is Council making Yamba so bicycle unfriendly?……….

I respectfully urge you to look at this unsafe intersection with a degree of urgency before one of our kids gets killed.

If you or your children cycle along Yamba Road perhaps you should consider writing to The General Manager, Clarence Valley Council, 2 Prince Street, Grafton NSW 2460 or emailing via

In an obvious effort to create a turning lane into Freeburn Street the Yamba Road cycleway disappears. With no break in the concrete kerbing to allow cyclists to escape onto the footpath away from vehicles now competing for the same road space. There are also no signs warning motorists and cyclists that they are approaching a potential 'blackspot'.

Couple (below) crossing T-intersection onto cycleway further up Yamba Road
** Photographs taken were taken early morning Easter Sunday 8.4.12

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