Saturday, 7 April 2012

Did the NSW Attorney-General tell the truth to the NSW Parliament? O'Farrell and Fraser need to answer questions about Cansdell Affair

The burning questions raised by this media report; Did the NSW Attorney-General tell the truth to the NSW Parliament about the Cansdell statutory declaration? Did Cansdell not sign the back of the original infringement notice he received or was a second false stat dec created in 2011 for presentation to NSW Police?

The Daily Examiner 7 April 2012:

THE woman who took the fall for disgraced MP Steve Cansdell has revealed details of the statutory declaration she signed to prevent the former member for Clarence from losing his licence over a speeding fine in 2005.
On Thursday, Kath Palmer told The Daily Examiner the statutory declaration she signed was on the back of a NSW speeding infringement notice.
Inquiries to the Office of State Revenue yesterday confirmed all NSW infringement notices were printed with NSW statutory declarations on the back.
But this information is at odds with what NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith revealed when he passed the matter on to the Commonwealth Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) on March 7.
"The office of the NSW DPP has advised me that Mr Cansdell signed a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration and therefore it's not expected that any state charge will be brought," he told the NSW Parliament during question time……

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