Sunday, 8 April 2012

Moggy Musings [Archived Material from Boy The Wonder Cat]

A Clarence Valley Council acting the ostrich musing: In February 2012 the new Clarence MP requested a review of the speed limit on Iluka Road and locals have a name and RMS address to send their submissions to - but Council thinks the review's current status is that of a rumour. WTF? says my hoomin.

A herding cane toads musing: Congratulations to the hundreds of hardy toad herders out and about in Yamba for its 14th Annual Cane Toad Roundup on 4 March 2012. A little birdy tweeted me that the heaviest toad caught as 277g and the biggest single bag handed in contained 130 toads. Well done all! Follow up - the final cane toad count is in and it's 2,521 of the darstardly hoppers. A new Yamba record.

An I can't believe it's not butter musing: For months now there has been a strong rumour doing the rounds that a NSW Nationals MP had an affair in 2011 with a former Nationals' staffer. The burning question contained in this rumour is: Did both parties agree to leave their partners and did the politician renege on the promise - leaving the staffer facing a very angry spouse?

A who is HappyVegemiteKR musing: YouTube is carrying a video clip of Kevin Rudd swearing while he was Aussie Prime Minister. The commitariat are blaming the video on an anonymous Gillard supporter, but local moggies aren't so sure. With only one video posted on the day this user joined the only thing we know about them is that they decided to record their age as 42. How old is Peta Credlin, again? Just about to turn 41? Hhmm - wonder who else is in the frame?

A who verballed Abbott musing: My little canine friend Veronica Lake is chortling quietly. She reckons Abbott wasn't verballed at all and the person who told Tony Hodges words to the effect that Abbott thought the Tent Embassy should be moved from the existing site was actually a journo from the Murdoch press. So who's to blame for stirring the pot then?

A reason the dog barked in the night musing: My little canine friend Veronica Lake is all puffed up with pride because she barked away intruders while staying with a friend; Between 1.30am and 3am the perpetrators roamed streets including Osprey Dr, The Halyard, Admiralty Crt and Gumnut Rd, armed with a screwdriver casing out properties.

A mail musing: Still sniggering over the rumour that one local voter returned to sender the Christmas Greetings flyer sent out by the new MP for Page in an envelope addressed to 'Steve' Gulaptis MP.

A rumoured whiff of corruption musing: Which Clarence Valley local currently housed at Her Majesty's pleasure is allegedly having his government-subsidised NCCHC social housing held indefinitely for him because he has family connections in the Commonwealth welfare bureaucracy?

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