Wednesday, 12 January 2022

A reminder that Grafton & Lismore air quality monitoring stations produce readings on an hourly basis and DPIE issues alerts for windblown dust or bushfire smoke as necessary

Rural air quality according to North Coast Local Land Services -  Pollutants (concentration unit: μg/m3) at 1-hour average, 6-7pm on 11 January 2022:

GRAFTON   Particles PM2.5 = 2 GOOD, Particles PM10 = 8 GOOD, Total Suspended Particles = 9*.

LISMORE Particles PM2.5 = 3 GOOD, Particles PM10 = 15 GOOD, Total Suspended Particles = 16*

* Total Suspended  Particles (TSP) are generated by a variety of sources - such as combustion and non-combustion processes, including windblown dust, sea salt, earthworks, mining activities, industrial processes, motor vehicle engines and fires. 

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