Monday, 3 January 2022

Our tin-eared Prime Minister Scott Morrison once again fails to comprehend how deeply he can offend with his constant self-promoting photoshoots

For reasons best known to himself Australian Prime Minister & Liberal MP for Cook (Sydney NSW) Scott Morrison fancies himself as a bit of a chef.

Though perhaps his persistence in displaying his dubious skills in frequent clunky, over-staged, photoshopped photoshoots could be laid at the feet of Annabel Crabb's ABC television show "Kitchen Cabinet" where in 2015 she featured Morrison cooking a curry while admitting that his self-applied nickname "ScoMo" was quite "new".

He obviously thought that episode a public relations relations success. In the years since he has pushed that #ScottyTheChef persona to a point where it has made him the subject of much derision and not a little bit of satire. 

After he infamously ran away from a national crisis in December 2019, holiday photoshoots have also been well and truly weaponised by the general public, cartoonists & satirists and that weapon pointed straight at his head. 

Take this recent piece..... 

Satirical blog The Shovel on Wednesday, 29 December 2021 when Australia’s daily COVID-19 new case count stood at 32,946 infected people including 8 dead in the last 24 hours:

With the nation facing its highest COVID case numbers ever, and testing facilities stretched to their limit, PM Scott Morrison made an urgent address to the nation this afternoon to announce a new Sri Lankan curry which he says is now one of his favourites.

It’s curry night!” Mr Morrison said, as daily national case numbers climbed towards 20,000 and lines for PCR testing continued to stretch to more than five hours......

However, our emotionally tone deaf prime minister either ignores or fails to see the warning signs that makes it risky to promote his Kirribilli House New Year's Eve private harbourside parties to watch the fireworks. Particularly this time around as the nation enters its third year of a global pandemic.

This was #ScottyTheChef on social media on 31 December 2021 when the national daily COVID-19 new case count was 35,326 infected people, including 13 dead in the last 24 hours:

SNAPSHOT: @adamajacoby

Surely someone in the Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet had registered the increasingly naked distress being expressed on social media, as infection and hospitalisation numbers grew on the Australian east coast, public health response//support measures began to be withdrawn and individuals, families and communities were being told in so many words that they were on their own now 'living with COVID'.

Perhaps his media team might like to suggest to Morrison that he lie low the day before Australia Day 2022 as 25 January is the anniversary of the very first confirmed case of COVID-19.