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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Palmer loses bid in Australian High Court to stifle election coverage on 18 May 2019

Clive Palmer before he resigned from parliament ahead of the 2016 federal election
Image: Huffington Post
Mining billionaire Clive Palmer may be back onto the Forbes Australian Rich List and currently attempting to 'buy' his way into the Senate on 18 May 2019, but the High Court of Australia is unimpressed by his latest legal foray.

The  Court unanimously dismissed Clive Palmer's application with reasons to be given at a later date.

SBS News, 7 May2019:

Clive Palmer's attempt to delay the publication of early results on federal election night has been shot down by the High Court.

Mr Palmer wanted the detailed data kept quiet until all polling booths had closed, lest last-minute crowds in far-flung locations be swayed by the results.

He was concerned West Australian voters who left their run until the last two hours could be influenced by early figures from the eastern states.

But the full bench of the High Court ruled the Australian Electoral Commission does not need to wait for stragglers in WA before broadcasting indications in east coast seats.

"The court is unanimous in its view that the application should be dismissed," Chief Justice Susan Kiefel said on Tuesday…..

Mr Palmer's case takes aim at the AEC's two-candidate preferred counting practice.
This is used on election night to give an early indication of results.

But the two candidates listed are almost always from Labor and the coalition, rather than the minor parties or independents. But the two candidates listed are almost always from Labor and the coalition, rather than the minor parties or independents…….

Solicitor-General Stephen Donaghue downplayed the potential "bandwagon" effect.
Mr Donaghue said last-minute voters in WA voters could be influenced by many other factors, including basic voting figures and exit polls.

He also argued the federal election was not a presidential race, with people in WA voting for different local candidates than those on the east coast.

Palmer's United Australia Party is said to be standing candidates in every federal electorate and for Senate positions in every state.

The Guardian reported on 1 May 2019 that almost 40% of all United Australia party candidates do not live in the electorates they are standing for and, the party has recruited senior executives from Clive Palmer’s mining interests to fill its ranks.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Declaration of Registrable Interests of Clive Palmer MP - owner of Waratah Coal which has mining interests on the NSW North Coast

Because the new Federal Member for Fairfax and Leader of the Palmer United Party, Clive Palmer MP, appears to be the sole owner of exploration and coal mine development company Waratah Coal Pty Ltd and, because this company holds at least two exploration licenses  in the Nymbioda district of the Clarence River catchment area it would be wise for local residents to familiarise themselves with the diverse and often complex business relationships of this politician as set out in his Statement of Registrable Interests.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hey, Clive, how many PUP candidates are running in Richmond?

Dr Phil Allen is the Palmer United Party candidate for Richmond.

Clive Palmer's dog team (aka PUP) has been promoting Dr Phil as its candidate in Richmond. 

And gee, doesn't Dr Phil look good in his beach attire!?
However, in recent days households have been bombarded with PUP how-to-vote junk that says the PUP candidate in Richmond is Charles Allen. The junk was printed at 11 Don Zhi Men South Street, DongChen District, Beijing, China

Credit: The first image is from Tweed Daily News . No one deserves any credit for the second image.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Photograph & video of the rare Australian Featherless Drongo

Parasitus palma

Family: Cuculidae
Sparse plumage
Usually solitary but sometimes seen with Noisy Miners
Natural habitat is degraded land and open cut mines
Call is similar to that of the European Common Cuckoo
Recognizable by its clumsy flight
Untidy nest construction
Frequently lays eggs in nests of other avian species
Aggressive feeder
Has been the subject of an international banding program by
LaRouche Movement
Citizens Electoral Council
Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley
Nominated for protected species status by
Liberal and National Parties of Australia

Video of the Featherless Drongo in the wild