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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Clancy says Clarence a winner under Greens plan - fairer funding for regional councils

NSW Greens candidate in Clarence Valley local government election Greg Clancy, media release, 15 August 2016:

Fairer Funding for Regional Councils: Clarence a winner under Greens plan to ensure a fairer distribution of crucial Commonwealth roads funding.

Greens Senator and Local Government Spokesperson Lee Rhiannon said, "NSW regional councils are the winners under the Greens plan for a fairer federal funding based on local needs rather than on a per capita basis.

"When parliament resumes on 30 August I will move to set up an inquiry into Commonwealth Financial Assistance Grants to gather evidence to show that regional areas are losing out under the current system."

Under the current system, the federal grants are awarded according to population numbers with little consideration of the size of the region and transport networks that must be maintained.

Greens candidate for Clarence Valley Council, Greg Clancy said, "Getting equitable road finding, based on financial need and the size of a council's road network, would see the Clarence Valley Council with extra funding to build local infrastructure.

"The roads need fixing and Council needs better support to do that. People also want cycleways, parks, playgrounds and pools. The federal grants program can make that happen.

"The current system of awarding road grants to Councils based on their population and not of their needs is inequitable and short changes regional areas.

"You only have to look at the results from last year's funding. Fairfield Council, which covers just 104 square kilometres and has 677 km of roads, received $5.1 million in Federal road funding. Clarence Valley, which has 2445 km of roads across 10,441 square kilometres, also got $5 million. From these figures, it is clear that something is seriously wrong.

"We're talking about a significant amount of funding. This is crucial funding for roads that needs to be distributed fairly, with those Regional Councils in most need getting priority funding in order to deal with their extensive road network.

"It's not just the Greens saying this. The NRMA has said the same, so has a recent NSW Parliamentary report. A new federal funding model would provide a 'win-win' for Council and the community," Dr Clancy said.

"I believe we need more Greens on regional councils to get behind our senators and state MPs so we get the support for a national senate inquiry to fix the broken federal funding model for local councils," he said.

Further information on the General Purpose and Local Road Financial Assistance Grant available at:

Saturday, 25 June 2016

HOLIDAY COAST not TRADE COAST: protesting a plan to industrialise the Clarence River Estuary

Contributed by Clarence Valley resident

The Daily Examiner, 25 June 2016, page 5:

A "POP UP" protest at tomorrow's Yamba Markets could be the start of early and concerted opposition to a proposed mega port for the Clarence River estuary.

The Greens candidate for Page, Kudra Falla-Ricketts, said the successful fight against CSG companies coming into the Clarence Valley showed the value or organising protests early and not allowing the proposals to gain momentum.

"If the proposed redevelopment were ever to proceed it would irreversibly damage the character, economy and environment of the Lower Clarence," Ms Falla-Ricketts said.

"I have been meeting with residents there and their concerns are very real and heartfelt.

"It reminds me of the anguish that the threat of industrial gasfields generated in this region."

Australia Infrastructure Developments Pty Ltd and Deakin Capital Pty Ltd are currently lobbying government to allow the construction of a large industrial port in the Clarence River estuary.

The latest version of this proposal has increased the size of port infrastructure so that is covers an estimated 36 sq km of the Clarence River estuary.

That's more than 27% of the entire estuary covered with container, liquid and bulk terminals and at least 14 associated shipping berths - operating 24 hours a day year-round.

"Industrialisation of the Clarence river on this scale would do untold damage to the tourism and fishing industries of the region, damage the riverine and marine environment and potentially open the door to coal and coal seam gas exports and even live cattle exports," Ms Falla-Ricketts said.

"The commercial fishing industry is worth at least $92m annually, and generates over 400 jobs. Tourism is one of the Lower Clarence's greatest economic asset generating $280m annually.

She said the pop-up protest would begin at the markets from 9am.

Ms.Falla-Ricketts also told North Coast Voices:

“Add to this the destruction of the relaxed lifestyle for residents of Yamba, Iluka and beyond and you have an industrialisation proposal that is immensely destructive of our region’s more sustainable industries.

Instead of investing in yesterday’s fossil fuel economy, we should be proud of region’s assets and support our existing sustainable  industries and lifestyles.

The threat of livestock export out of Yamba would also horrify many people and it is also a threat to family farming. The Chinese agricultural companies prefer to buy farms rather than farm produce so this port could also initiate a foreign land grab in the region.

This is another destructive corporate thought bubble that threatens our region. At a time when we should be investing in renewable energy, sustainable fishing, tourism and farming, we are being threatened with this major industrialisation project.

Communities of the lower Clarence and throughout the Page electorate can make their opposition to this proposal clear on July 2 by voting 1 Green then preferencing which ever other candidates can give an assurance they will oppose this destructive plan.”

Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Greens candidate in Page, Kudra Falla-Ricketts

Kudra Falla-Ricketts is rather an unknown quantity in this federal election, but she's young and passionate so rates a mention before polling day on 2 July.

Born and raised in the Northern Rivers and having spent a substantial part of her life living in the Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu, Kudra understands the region and the real significance of climate change and sea level rise very well.  She has participated directly in many campaigns through her involvement with the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, Girls Against Gas, Amnesty international, Northern Rivers Young Greens and various other environmental and human rights organisations. Read more here


It is disappointing to note than Ms. Falla-Ricketts has hidden her contact details from electors in Page - with the exception of a party email address which she either does not monitor or which includes correspondence to which she will not respond.

Ms, Falla-Ricketts has made contact and I hope to have a statement from her on local issues in the near future.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Australian Federal Election 2016: going down like skittles

In a federal election campaign where all three big political brands have been hustings-ready since March, candidates are still going down like skittles........

The latest are the Liberal candidate Carolyn Currie who was contesting the NSW lower house seat of Whitlam and first-time Labor Senator for the Northern Territory Nova Peris.

Ms. Currie’s rather novel reason for withdrawing from the fray is that she is like a general with no troops because no party rank and file were coming to her support on the election trail.

Senator Peris intiallly failed to give any explanation for retiring from the lists, leaving mainstream media to speculate that she is seeking employment elsewhere. Later she cited family reasons.

Also in the Senate the Liberal’s Concetta Fierravanti-Wells is tettering on the edge of the political gutter with The Canberra Times revealing on 26 May 2016 that:

The preselection hopes of controversial Turnbull government minister Concetta Fierravanti-Wells have been hit by allegations she broke a promise not to employ a key Liberal Party executive and factional ally.
The hard-right NSW senator hired as an electorate officer Nathaniel Smith, a Kogarah councillor and the son of former NSW attorney-general Greg Smith, who also serves on the party's state executive.
Liberal sources accused Senator Fierravanti-Wells of breaking an explicit promise to senior party figures that she would not employ Mr Smith or run a "factional office".
She is also accused of trying to conceal Mr Smith's employment by demanding his removal from her staff list and denying him a parliamentary email address.
As an electorate officer his taxpayer-funded salary would be close to $100,000.
It comes as a spectacular factional battle over preselection for the NSW Senate ticket comes to a head, with the state executive trying to relegate Senator Fierravanti-Wells into sixth place, against the wishes of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull……

Rumour has it that Ms. Fierravanti-Wells' political future may be on the line despite Malcolm Turnbull's support keeping her on the senate ticket.
In 2015 Labor’s then MP for Oxley  Bernie Ripoll announced he would not be standing at the 2016 federal election so as an official retiree he escapes being included in the skittles tally, however Minister for Territories, Local Government and Major Projects & Liberal MP for Bradfield Paul I Know Nothing Fletcher does not and has apparently been caught out sidestepping full disclosure of his wife’s interests in his 44th Parliament Statement of Registrable Interests.

The Australian, 27 May 2016:
Mr Fletcher, a stalwart ally of Malcolm Turnbull, declined to disclose the business interests of his jeweller wife, Manuela Zappacosta, exploiting a rule that only requires MPs to disclose family interests “of which the member is aware”.
Consequently Mr Fletcher’s declaration omits Ms Zappacosta’s directorship and 50-per-cent shareholding in Baba Management, a firm run from an accountancy practice in Albury, southern NSW.
Mr Fletcher wrote in his declaration of interests: “I do not know if Manuela Zappacosta is a director of any other companies and I have not made inquiry.”
A Liberal spokesman said: “Mr Fletcher said his approach was consistent with the approach used other Members of Parliament since at least 1990 and that the Clerk of the House had not raised any concerns about it.”
Mr Fletcher’s position mirrors that of Bob Katter, the independent Queensland MP, whose declaration obscures his wife Susan’s vast wealth as “she regards this as her private business”.
Clerks do not generally raise concern about MPs’ declarations. Liberal senator Chris Back mistakenly filed an essentially blank form in August 2014 that went unnoticed until The Australian brought the oversight to the senator’s attention 11 months later…
Four days earlier Fletcher had been reported as using the completion of multimillion dollar works on Tasmania's busiest section of road as a Coalition election promotion despite the funding being secured by former Labor MP for Franklin Julie Collins.

Tony Abbott’s 2015 captain’s pick in Canning, former army officer and Liberal MP Andrew Hastie, in what looks suspiciously like a desperate throw of the dice is defying the Australian Electoral Commission order to remove corflutes and other campaign material which depict him in military uniform.

Both images of Hastie are old pics – in uniform he looks to be around seven to eight years younger and the babe in his arms in 2015 is now a considerably larger 10 month old.

Come 28 and 29 May and there was another foolish rabbit in the headlights over at The Sydney Morning Herald

A Liberal candidate's bid to gatecrash one of Bill Shorten's campaign events has backfired spectacularly with a car-crash media interview.
Chris Jermyn found himself unable to articulate the Coalition's health policies before declaring his hatred for journalists and beating a hasty retreat.

The Liberal candidate for the Victorian seat of McEwen showed up at Mr Shorten's event at the Sunbury Community Health Centre on Saturday. Mr Shorten shook his hand on his way in, joking that at least he was getting to see one leader this election...... []
Coalition candidate Chris Jermyn was involved in a notorious student politics conference in which his fellow Young Liberals proudly chanted about being racist, sexist and homophobic.
But Mr Jermyn insists he was there in an official capacity and did not participate in any protests or chants.
Television footage of the 2005 National Union of Students conference in Ballarat shows Mr Jermyn, then a Melbourne University student and active member of the Young Liberals, walking through a raucous crowd.
This was the same conference where a group of right-wing Young Liberals wearing black T-shirts emblazoned with the words "Shut the f--- up" sang this chant: "We're racist, we're sexist, we're homophobic."
That was followed by "Glory, glory Liberal students"…..

Then ABC News and other mainstream media outlets delivered a body blow to the Liberal Party image on 30 May 2016:

NSW Police have charged a Central Coast man over allegedly posting racist comments on the Facebook page of outgoing Northern Territory Labor senator Nova Peris.
Woy Woy-based chiropractor and osteopath Chris Nelson, 64, was arrested at his business this afternoon.
He has been charged with using a carriage service to cause offence.
Nelson has denied he is responsible, saying his account was hacked.
At the time the comments were posted, Nelson was a member of the Liberal Party's NSW division.
A spokesperson for the Liberal Party has confirmed that Nelson has been stripped of party membership over the allegations.
The comments included several instances of profanity.
"You were only endorsed by Juliar because you were a black c***," the comments read.
"Go back to the bush and suck on witchety grubs and yams."
On her own social media accounts, Ms Peris labelled the comments as "racist and vile hatred".

Just when the Liberal Party thought things could not get any worse along came The Kelly Gang and this was reported in The Sydney Morning Herald on 30 May 2016:

Liberal MP Craig Kelly, one of the most vociferous supporters of Tony Abbott before and during the challenge by Mr Turnbull in September, has been handing out election flyers that contain his wish to "contribute to a Coalition government under Tony Abbott".
Liberal MP Craig Kelly, one of the most vociferous supporters of Tony Abbott before and during the challenge by Mr Turnbull in September, has been handing out election flyers that contain his wish to "contribute to a Coalition government under Tony Abbott".

Fairfax Media has obtained a copy of the flyer, which was being handed out by personally by Mr Kelly at Sutherland railway station on May 20.
"When talking to people across Hughes, it is clear they want a government that will reduce cost of living pressures, support local jobs and small businesses," the flyer states.
"I want to continue my fight to protect the way of life we have all worked hard to build and am looking forward to having the opportunity to contribute to a Coalition government under Tony Abbott."
Mr Kelly insisted on Monday that the brochure was not a bizarre factional call-to-arms but rather a clerical stuff-up……
Meanwhile, much earlier in May the Greens candidate for Grayndler Jim Case, accidentally shot himself in the foot from a distance of years when old YouTube footage surfaced which recorded him in 2014 seated next to Greens member for Melbourne Adam Bandt and NSW Greens senator Lee Rhiannon while expressing a preference for Mr Abbott’s re-election.

Around the same time Arfur came back on the radar one more as reported in the Brisbane Times:

Cabinet secretary Arthur Sinodinos has been referred to the powerful Senate privileges committee to determine if he is in contempt by refusing an order to attend an inquiry into political fundraising bodies.
The Senate on Wednesday resolved to refer Senator Sinodinos for an inquiry into whether he "disobeyed a lawful order of the Senate without reasonable excuse" and "whether any contempt was committed in that regard".

It follows Senator Sinodinos' refusal last week to appear before an inquiry into the controversial Free Enterprise Foundation and similar fundraising bodies, despite the Senate directing him to do so.....

Saturday, 21 May 2016

The Greens stumble in Week 2 of the 2016 Australian federal election campaign

To be honest I find it hard to warm to the man, but I was still very surprised to find that Greens Senator for Victoria Richard Di Natale had not properly declared the property interests of both he and his wife.

Di Natale was elected to the Australian Senate at the 2010 federal election and his term began on 1 July 2011.

On 19 July 2011 Di Natale signed the Statement of Registerable Interests for senators.

In this declaration to parliament he stated that he received income from  “Twin Gums”  – a small rural property, near Deans Marsh in Victoria .

On 4 August 2014 he again declared income from “Twin Gums” farm.

Senator Di Natale told The Sydney Morning Herald (in a video) in June 2015 that the property was purchased “about ten years ago”.

On 20 May 2016 he was quoted in The Australian as saying that his wife Lucy Quarterman became a full owner of this farm in October 2012.

In The Guardian on the same day it was reported:

A spokesman for Senator Di Natale’s told Fairfax: “the farm was listed as a business interest from the time Richard was elected” and that by declaring income from the farm, he had met the requirements for declaring property in the register of senators’ interests.

This has been a significant misstep and is likely to affect The Greens party image with some voters.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Janet Cavanaugh to stand as The Greens candidate in March 2015 NSW state election

Excerpts from Greens candidate in the Clarence electorate, Janet Cavanaugh, 13 February 2015 media release:

*Janet Cavanaugh has lived in the Clarence for 25 years and her connections to the Clarence go back five generations. Living in Whiporie in the Richmond Valley and working in Grafton means she has a wide appreciation of both local government areas in the electorate.

Janet holds degrees in engineering, natural resources and environmental management. Working in the NSW public sector for 23 years has given her extensive experience in the operation of Government. She currently works as a planner, specialising in park management.

Janet joined The Greens in 1995 as a founding member of the Clarence Greens. She was the Greens candidate in 2011 in the state election and also the by-election that was held in that year.

Ms Cavanaugh has announced that her campaign will focus on the need for clean politics and also clean energy.

“It is time to clean up this state,” she said. “This election is an opportunity for the community to cast a vote of ‘no confidence’ against the corruption of the major parties.

“The Greens have a history of maintaining ethical stands across a range of issues,” Ms Cavanaugh stated. “By acting with integrity, the Greens offer a better way of doing politics — a way that is resulting in better outcomes for our community.

“The Greens have consistently opposed plans to privatise and undermine public services,” she said. “If elected, I'll work hard to defend our schools, TAFEs, hospitals, gaols, and our water and electrical networks from privatisation.

“Cleaning up our energy supply is linked to cleaning up our politics,” she said. “The major parties receive large donations from mining and gas companies — the same companies that are seeking licences or leases from the NSW Government to exploit the state’s resources.

“The Greens are advocating a statewide ban on unconventional gas as the risks are too great,” she said. “Our area’s economy relies on its natural resources for agriculture, fishing and tourism. It’s vital we keep them healthy into the future.

“Instead of risking our future with unconventional gas, we should be expanding our clean energy infrastructure and the jobs that come with it.

“I am standing as the candidate for Clarence because I believe we can change the future by protecting and building our region in a way our grandchildren will thank us for,” she said.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

In which Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham informs the NSW Parliament and Metgasco Limited's CEO Peter Henderson writes yet another letter

The political duel continues in ‘The people of the Northern Rivers and political allies versus Coal seam and tight gas exploration company Metgasco Limited and political allies’.

Excerpts from NSW Legislative Council Hansard 15 May 2014:

1838.  Mr Buckingham to move

1.             That this House notes that:

(a)        the Driller Logs and Well Completion Reports from Metgasco detail numerous alarming failures and environmental damage due to routine poor practice and the inherently risky nature of gas drilling operations,

(b)        at Bowerbird E02 well Metgasco drilled into a river bed with high water flows and the well caved in. It was subsequently abandoned,

(c)        at Corella E01 well the casing stuck and explosive cutters were required to remove the casing, the well was then abandoned,

(d)        at Corella E03 the well caved in due to water inflow at 220 metres,

(e)        following the drilling of Corella P11 Metgasco said: “We were not aware of this shale at 3m from the base, nothing was reported by the geologists from their samples, or from the experts”,

(f)        at Corella P13 380m of drilling string and the 33m borehole assembly were abandoned in the well,

(g)        Corella E17 while flaring at 18psi they noticed the annular was leaking and had to abandon the test,

(h)        at Corella P18 a drill pipe became stuck in the hole and they were unable to clear the blockage,

(i)         at Riflebird E03 the hole collapsed from 16m, there were breakdowns, pipes got stuck and a 6m HQ barrel was left in the hole,

(j)         at Riflebird E5 Metgasco said: “This site is a terrible bloody mess. The pits are still a mess” before the well collapsed at 96m,

(k)        at Riflebird E14 Metgasco’s mud log states that “gas detector not functioning but hydrocarbons can be smelled in the shaker area”,

(l)         at Wayan 01 the top bonnet seals leaked oil in the annular,

(m)      at Cedar Point 1 and NCASI-1R methane was found in the mud and there were well integrity issues,

(n)        the Kingfisher Well  has not been cleaned up properly following 19 drill pipes being ejected into the air due to rising well pressure and loss of casing integrity,

(o)        NSW Trade and Investment have said that Metgasco fracked this well despite knowing it lacked integrity,

(p)        at SCASI-1 gas bubbling was observed in the hole and they had water losses, and

(q)        at SCASI 09 the driller had a seizure.

2.         That this House calls on the Government to immediately cancel all Petroleum Exploration and Production activity in New South Wales pending a thorough investigation of these routine and alarming failures during drilling.

(Notice given 15 May 2014—expires Notice Paper No. 218)

1728. Mr Buckingham to move—

1. That this House notes that:

(a) a recent report by the Australia Institute has discredited coal seam gas industry claims that it is a significant employer,

(b) the report states that: “While the gas industry is relentless in its claims about job creation, the simple fact is that it is a relatively small employer”,

(c) despite inflated industry claims that they created 100,000 jobs in 2012, the actual number reported by the Australian Bureau of Statistics is that 9,372 jobs were created in the entire oil and gas industry in that year,

(d) in August 2013, the entire oil and gas industry only employed 0.2 per cent of the Australian workforce, and

(e) this is less than two-thirds of the workforce of hardware retail company Bunnings Warehouse.

2. That this House calls on the Department of Planning to ensure that the economic modelling associated with planning applications is accurate.

(Notice given 18 March 2014—expires Notice Paper No. 207)

Excerpts from coal seam and tight gas exploration company Metgasco Limited’s media release/statement to the Australian Stock Exchange of 29 May 2014:

Metgasco is aware of a number of statements, including some made in the NSW Parliament, that are incorrect and misleading.   Metgasco has written to all Members of the NSW State Parliament refuting these claims and setting out our views relating to the suspension of approval to drill the Rosella E01 exploration well at Bentley…..

Metgasco is aware of a recent letter which seeks to accuse us of unacceptable drilling practices on a number of our wells. The information source for these accusations appears to be well completion reports which can be obtained through the government. We note that these reports are reviewed by government inspectors who have expressed no concern about them. In our opinion, the accusations show that the author has little understanding of the drilling industry or geology. He has misconstrued comments in the well completion reports, taken them out of context and at other times selectively quoted comments. His analysis, which we believe is incorrect and uninformed, could be used in an attempt to damn all oil and gas drilling, the routine drilling required to support coal and mining industries and even the hundreds of thousands of water bores drilled throughout Australia to support agriculture, industry and domestic needs…..  

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

What the three major political parties are promising voters in Page

In the last three years the Federal Labor Member for Page Janelle Saffin has delivered over $505 million in federal funding across the electorate and if re-elected this coming Saturday further promises:

$10 million for new Outpatient (Ambulatory Care) Unit, Grafton Base Hospital
$3 million for Community Dental Care Fund
Better Schools Plan fully funded for all Clarence Valley schools
$282.3 million for pre-construction of the Pacific Hwy upgrade Woolgoolga to Ballina
$3 million for Casino Hospital emergency department upgrade
$3.5 million towards Casino Regional Livestock Exchange upgrade
Disability Care roll-out to Clarence Valley with regional office (70 staff) in Lismore
$14 billion in addition to existing Commonwealth funding for the National Disability Insurance Scheme by 2019
$500,000 to expand Kyogle Community Gym
Keep the Federal 'water trigger' protections
Keep the Clarence Valley and Northern Rivers CSG-free

This is what the Nationals candidate Kevin Hogan is offering:

$2.1 billion extra for the Pacific Hwy upgrade
Commitment to the rollout of the $300million Wooden Bridges Program
$463,969 for 55 CCTV cameras in Casino CBD
$13,750 for new goalposts for Grafton Rugby League Club
$560,000 for development of Grafton Hockey Complex
$23,253 for a new kitchen at Mid Richmond Neighbourhood Centre
$13,000 for Woombah/Iluka Men's Shed
$115,500 for Bunjum Aboriginal Co-op in Ballina to upgrade the premises to an education centre
Joint Green Army Project for Rekindling the Spirit and Jubulum Land Council creating 10 full-time trainee places for 25 weeks
Joint Green Army Project for EnvITE and National Parks and Wildlife in the Clarence Valley creating 10 full-time trainee places for 25 weeks.
A local share of the $200 million a year Stronger Regions Fund

The Greens candidate in Page Desley Banks is offering:

Ban CSG and unconventional gas mining
$30 billion over 10 years to secure clean energy
Mining tax as a central element of tax system
Invest in public education, including early childhood and TAFE
Increase Newstart payment by $50 per week
Reverse cuts to the Single Parent payment
Create universal Denticare under Medicare

* Election promises above are as published in The Daily Examiner 3 September 2013.
* It is noted that the Nationals candidate is the only one not promising to to keep the Northern Rivers CSG free.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Mid North Coast Greens: Bellingen wakes to climate crisis

Mid North Coast Greens Media Release
August 19, 2013
Bellingen wakes to climate crisis march

Marchers chanted, “Wake Up! Act Now,” and “For the children! Act now,” as they marched through Bellingen and startled the café patrons and visitors to the Bellingen Jazz Festival on Sunday. Prior to the march, Greens NSW Upper House MP Dr John Kaye and Carol Vernon, Greens candidate for Cowper, addressed the crowd.
Mrs Vernon said: "The planet is running out of time to exit fossil fuels and take the pressure off the climate.
"Gas is an expensive and dangerous distraction.
Dr Kaye said: “"Both Labor and the Nationals are denying the Mid North Coast the benefits of a clean energy future and allowing the planet to move closer to climate disaster.
"There are tens of thousands of new Mid North Coast jobs waiting to be created in installation, maintenance, development, marketing and manufacture that will never happen unless both state and federal governments commit to 100 percent renewables.
Mrs Vernon said, "Come and march again in Coffs Harbour if you are concerned about the future of your children on a hotter Earth.”
"Come and march if you believe your children may need to live in an uncertain and dangerous future.
"David Shoebridge, Greens NSW MLC, will lead the march in Coffs Harbour. Those marching will assemble near the Coffs Harbour Jetty at 10.30 am to march at 11.00 am on Sunday, August 25.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The Greens candidate in Cowper throws down the gauntlet in front of Luke Hartsuyker

The Greens candidate in Cowper, Carol Vernon, has sent out this letter to the media.

Letter to Editor
Dear Mr Hartsuyker

It appears that you will not debate your fellow candidates in Cowper, anywhere or at any time.

Are you so sure of being elected that you can't even be bothered to defend your National Party policies, policies I presume you enthusiastically believe and therefore want your electorate to know?

For example do the Nationals have costed policies on schools, workers rights, affordable housing, job creation from a renewable energy industry and climate change? Perhaps you just completely follow the secretively costed and deliberately sketchy policies of your big brother Liberals?

We would like to hear what you think about the coal seam gas mining that threatens the farms and water in the north of Cowper.

We wait with baited breath to hear if you believe the short term 'jobs ' of minerals mining in our rivers' headwaters will justify the pollution of our rivers and the ensuing shock to our tourism, dairying, beef, fishing and food production industries, let alone the poisoning of our water supplies. And yes, we have seen too many broken promises about mining safeguards to believe your reassurances. Too many National Party politicians move on to safe jobs in the mining industry for us to swallow environmental platitudes.

Are you concerned that your children and grandchildren will be living in a much warmer climate in a land devastated by fires, droughts, flood and storms or do you believe climate change is 'crap' like your coalition leader?

If the candidate for Richmond can debate the Prime Minister surely you are not reluctant to debate a sixty-eight year old female retired educator?

Yours sincerely
Carol Vernon
Greens candidate for Cowper

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Greens visit Coffs Harbour to campaign against polluting mining practices

Greens visit Coffs Harbour to campaign against polluting mining practices.
Released: June 11

Jeremy Buckingham, Greens MP in the NSW Upper House and Greens Senator Larissa Waters will be visiting Coffs Harbour on Friday, June 14.

The pair will attend a forum 'Giving landholders the right to say No to coal and coal seam gas,' at the Grafton District Services Club, 6.30pm on Thursday, June 13.

The next morning they will travel to the Dundurrabin village to meet with locals concerned about the planned mining of minerals near the Blicks River in the headwaters of the Clarence River and Coff Harbour's water supply. Jeremy and Larissa are very mindful that the mining of minerals also brings arsenic to the surface and that the Macleay River has been polluted by the overflow of holding ponds and mining 'run off' from our extreme rainfall events.

They will then travel to Coffs Harbour Botanic Gardens at 1.15pm, to meet with representatives of local groups opposing mining in the headwaters of the Macleay, Orara and Nambucca Rivers.

Jeremy and Larissa will then launch a sticker calling for the protection of our rivers from mining pollution. You will see it on cars across Cowper within the next few weeks. The sticker will be available at various sites including: Kombu Wholefoods, Bellingen, The Alternative Bookshop, Bellingen, The Happy Frog, Coffs Harbour and The Grafton Environment Centre.

The Greens care for people and the environment. Always have. Always will. 
Media contact: Phone: 0402308231, 66552090

Friday, 24 May 2013

March against Monsanto - May 25 in Bellingen NSW

Media Release
Carol Vernon
Greens candidate for Cowper
May 21, 2013

Carol Vernon will be supporting the rally against Monsanto in Maam Gaduying Park , outside the Bellingen Council Chambers on Saturday, May 25, starting at 9.00 am.

Mrs Vernon said, "As a member of Bellingen Seedsavers I am totally committed to preserving heritage seeds. Many people in our local area demonstrate a huge commitment to sustainable food production.

" Genetically manipulated organisms (GMOs), their products, and the chemicals used to manage them pose significant risks to natural and agricultural ecosystems and human health.

" The precautionary principle must be applied to the use of GMOs and the techniques for producing them.

" Scientific evidence must be the basis for assessing and licensing GMOs. GMO assessments must be broad, independent and scientifically robust.

" Living organisms such as plants, animals and micro-organisms are not inventions. Patents on life are unethical and against the public interest.

"Farmers and consumers have a right to grow and consume non-GMO foods.

" Everyone has a right to know if foods contain any ingredients made using GM techniques, through the comprehensive labelling of those products." 

Facebook: Carol Vernon Greens for Cowper

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Greens MLC Jeremy Buckingham to visit the Orara Valley on 7 Nov 2012 to discuss CSG frack finding tour

MNC Greens Media Release:

An Hour in the Orara Valley With Jeremy Buckingham, Greens MLC

Jeremy Buckingham, Greens MLC, will be speaking about his recent frack finding tour to inspect coal seam gas in the United States and his Responsible Mining Bill (Protect land, water and communities) 2012 at the Upper Orara Valley Community Hall, Cnr Dairyville Rd and Upper Orara Rd between 12.00-1.00pm, November 7th.

It is expected that many will travel from Coffs Harbour, the Clarence Valley, the Orara Valley, Bellingen and the plateau to hear the facts about mining in NSW. Those attending the meeting are encouraged to attend with posters and banners.
"The Greens Responsible Mining Bill will prohibit coal seam gas and mining in certain productive agricultural areas and other sensitive areas.  Additionally it will provide local councils with the power to prohibit coal seam gas and other mining in certain areas under their local planning provisions," said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.
A recent meeting in Coramba was attended by a large crowd seeking information. Altius Mining Limited is planning, according to announcements it has made to the ASX, to continue exploration in the area following the completion of its aerial magnetic survey in 2011.
It is reported that exploration targets include Mt Brown (directly south of Karangi), Illabo Mine north of Coramba (near Coramba Nature Reserve), and the Beacon Group of Mines halfway between Coramba & Central Bucca.
"Gold and antimony mines produce large amounts of pollution.  The sensitive environment, terrain and rainfall patterns in the Orara Valley mean it is not the place for such mines," said Mr Buckingham.
The forum will be of particular interest to property owners concerned about a drop in land values, visual pollution and river pollution, small business owners dependent on tourism and all users of local roads, especially parents of school children.
MNC Greens Media contact: John Vernon Ph: 0402 308 231
Media Contact: Max Phillips - 9230 2202  or  0419 444 916


Wednesday November 7th

• 10.30 to 11.30 am Coffee with Coffs Harbour Greens at the Happy Frog. Car pooling to travel to 12.00 to 1.00 rally-meeting at Upper Orara Community Hall cnr Upper Orara Rd and Dairyville Rd. All welcome.

5.00 pm Joint Coffs Harbour and MNC Greens meeting at the Alternatives Bookstore, Hyde St, Bellingen

• 6.30 pm Jeremy speaks at Lock The MNC event. Dinner included/Music/Bimblebox Film at 5 Church St, Bellingen ($20/head) Book at Kombu or No 5.

Thursday, November 8

• 10.00 -11.30 am Responsible Mining Forum (with video highlights of USA tour) at Dorrigo Memorial Hall (the Community Hall)

• 2.15 – 3.45 pm Responsible Mining Forum (with video highlights of USA tour) at the Seniors Citizens Centre Hall, Princess St, Macksville

• 5.00-6.00 pm Jeremy Buckingham Responsible Mining  Forum in Kempsey

Jeremy Buckingham will be sharing a ‘cuppa’. Hear how his Responsible Mining Bill can protect the Kempsey area from further destructive mining practices.

Where: The Oddfellows (Macleay Valley Arts Council) Cnr Kemps Street & Edinburgh Lane, West Kempsey

• 7.00 pm Three Rivers Greens Group Meeting in Wauchope (Wauchope Arts Society Hall - might also be called Wauchope School of Arts) with Jeremy.