Friday, 17 September 2010

Live or work in the Clarence Valley? Hang up on Telstra!

In The Daily Examiner on 16 September 2010:

TELSTRA could lose millions of dollars worth of business from the Clarence Valley if it proceeds with plans to close its Grafton call centre, putting 108 workers out of jobs.
Yesterday Member for Page Janelle Saffin said if the Telstra plan went ahead, businesses across the Valley should reconsider their phone carrier.
She said if Telstra decided to abandon the Valley, we should consider abandoning it.
Today we launch a concerted campaign – 'Hang up on Telstra' – to encourage people to change carriers, but only if the Telstra plan proceeds.
Daily Examiner general manager Judy Lewis said she would consider dropping our Telstra account, worth about $5000 a month, and Clarence Valley Mayor Richie Williamson said he would be asking his council to consider something similar. The council account is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Send Telstra a message it understands – money.
Ms Saffin yesterday launched a petition calling on Telstra CEO David Thodey to intervene immediately and halt any plans to axe the jobs of its 108 Grafton workers.
For the first time in anyone's memory, there was a queue of people in Grafton's main street waiting to sign the petition.

Grafton fights call centre closure

Contact Ms. Saffin's electoral office at 3/55 Prince Street, Grafton Ph: 6642.8507 to find out where petition can be signed.

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benny said...

shouldnt that be hang up on the coalition the bastards who created the private monopoly