Friday, 10 September 2010

Farewell to New England

The last planned stop made by the touring group before heading for home was in the small township of Tingha, which (just quietly, for fear of scaring the few remaining horses) has seen better days.

We examined the town's main street where most of the buildings are boarded up and could only imagine what a bustling place this would have been in days of yesteryear.
We considered grabbing a bite to eat at the local pub. However, the lunch time menu (served between 11am and 3pm) left a little bit to be desired. The menu provided diners with a choice of two offers, both priced ever-so reasonably at $5 - a beer and a pie, or a beer and a sausage roll. We thought long and hard about it but finally concluded we should head east and have another look around Guyra.
It has to be said that the business owners and residents of Tingha we spoke with are indeed a happy mob. While quick to point out that its glory days are well behind it the townsfolk stressed the advantages they enjoyed of residing in the small township.

Like so many other towns we visited Tingha will enjoy the benefits of the federal government's "Building the Education Revolution. Ms Gillard's $$$$ are being put to good use at Tingha Public School where a new school hall and COLA (covered outdoor learning area) are under construction.

The window display in the Wing Hing Long Museum was indeed very interesting ...
... but unfortunately for the group the signs in its window indicated that was as much as were going to see.

Credit: Image of museum

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