Friday, 10 September 2010

Part of Teh Great Unhinging 2010

Well Pastor Nalliah's been at it again. Apparently the godbotherers are a mite upset down his way after the creation of a "wicked Government" this week:
Dear family & friends in Christ,
I know many of you would be very sad and disappointed at the outcome of the Australian Election. Please take some time to read through this email as I am sure it will encourage and challenge you to continue to stand for righteousness.
Who would have ever dreamed that one day we would have 2 atheists at the top job of running our government in Australia?
I too felt very sad for a few hours, but as I prayed to the Lord, I felt strongly in my spirit that this is not the time to mourn, but to rise up and fight the devil and his demonic powers of darkness even more, so that's exactly what I intend to do in the mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ!
There is a famous saying, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."  In Matthew 11:12 the Word of God says, "The Kingdom of God has suffered much violence, but the violent shall rise up and take it by force.".
So dear prayer warriors in our Lord Jesus Christ, we might have lost this spiritual battle, but remember we will definitely win the war in Jesus Name, as the ultimate battle and victory belongs to the Lord of Hosts! Truly, He has won it for us 2000 years ago on the Cross through His death and resurrection, by triumphing over death, hell, and the grave!

When we initially lost the court case with the Islamic Council of Victoria at VCAT in 2005, there were many who were very sad and many others who mocked and laughed at us, but I knew that God would give us the final laugh & victory, "not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Hosts!" (Zechariah 4:6)  All glory to God as we did win the court case 2 years later in Supreme Court in 2007, securing Freedom of Speech and Religion in Australia. God will never put His children who stand for Him to shame!
You got to be fighting continually in spiritual warfare for the God of heaven to manifest His ultimate victory over the enemy on earth! Never ever give up!
I was shocked when I heard that the 2 Independents Tony Windsor & Rob Oakshott were supporting Labor. Hats off to Bob Katter for standing his ground. I suppose that Tony & Rob will soon find out the very big mistake they have made. I wonder whether they will ever get re-elected to Parliament in their electorate??
However, the fact is that we in Australia once again have Ms Julia Gillard as our PM, with her right hand man now being Bob Brown, the outspoken homosexual leader of the Greens. It is a very very sad day for Australia.
I personally want to apologise to anyone whom I might have disappointed by my dream regarding Julia Gillard conceding defeat. I always speak what is in my heart and get into trouble for doing so, but I am sure you will appreciate that I will not say one thing to your face and do something else behind your back.
I honestly thought that the dream I had was from the Lord and so I have not given up hope on it as yet.  It is very likely that the current Gillard Labor Green Government could collapse anytime.  As the American saying goes, "it ain't over until the fat lady sings!"
However, what I hoped for did not come to pass in this election at this time, so I am very, very sorry.

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who supported the major prayer assault and sent many emails. Please do not lose heart. Your prayer and action did definitely produce great results. We have definitely taken the backbone out of the Labor party. They definitely now will find it very difficult to get legislation through Parliament as it is a minority Government.
There is another famous saying, "It only takes good men to do nothing for evil to triumph". It is so sad that so many church leaders did not speak up against the ungodly alliance of Labor's Julia Gillard and the Green's Bob Brown, but choose to remain silent because of political correctness. Unfortunately, they are equally to be blamed for putting in place such a wicked Government.
I believe if this current Government continues for 3 years (although I hope not), the true Church of Jesus Christ in Australia will come under severe politcal and social persecution. We as a nation, supported by many church leaders have chosen the path of persecution rather than peace and blessing.
Like in China and other nations where the onfire churches are persecuted, the churches which compromise will be free to operate, but those who stand up for righteousness will be persecuted.  Who knows, we might have to start underground house churches soon in Australia, like in China & Saudi Arabia. Oh, how exciting that will be as I have personally experienced many of them, since I served the Lord in Saudi Arabia with the underground house church movement.
One thing is for sure, under persecution the Church definitely will grow in quality and quantity. So come what may, the Lord's plans for Australia will be fulfilled through the remnant He has in this Great South Land of the Holy Spirit! Glory to God!
I am ready for the fight and I hope you are. Together, united as the Body of Christ, we will see our nation fulfil her destiny in our time in this generation.
It is very clear that our nation's government leaders from both sides of politics are not willing or are too scared to mention the name of Almighty God because of political correctness. We desperately need some men and women in Parliament who are honest and upright in the Lord.

In closing let me ask you a very, very important question. If given the opportunity, would you support a political party which will take Australia back to the historic roots of its Founding Fathers, the Ten Commandments, and that will protect our Judeo-Christian heritage??

I really believe that it is time for a true voice of righteousness in our Parliament. If the current trend continues, the Greens will become a major hindrance for Godly values in Government which will affect our nation and all Christians in a very negative way.

Your feedback on this would be greatly appreciated. Please take some time to write at least one line letting us know what you think about it.  
Australia for Jesus!
May God Bless You Mightily in Your Service to Him,
Your Brother In Christ,
Pr Daniel Nalliah


Anonymous said...

Australia is a secular country, and there is no state religion, people are free to believe in God, or not. Judge not, lest you be judged.

"Grendel" said...

Also, people are free to point out the raving loony religious and judge that stupidity as they see fit.

Freedom is a wonderful thing...

If Pastor Danny had the biblical world he really wants he would have been stoned as a false prophet already.