Thursday, 8 January 2009

Oh no, John - the 'honour' is all yours

Lil Johnnie Howard has been bleating into microphones since Tuesday that his mate George Dubbya's awarding him the US Presidential Medal of Freedom is a "compliment to Australia."
No, John.
It was you, not Australia, who decided that our nation would break international law and invade other nations willy nilly because Dubbya said so.
It was also you, not Australia, who ran a disinformation agenda at the behest of the Bush Administration.
And again, it was you not Australia who put the Obama Administration offside before it was even installed - first by linking an Obama presidency with a win for Al Queda and then planting your little round derrier in Blair House for freebie White House accommodation so that there was little hope that the Obama family could stay there pre-inauguration.
So that gaudy little bauble that you get to pin on your chest is rightfully yours - all yours.
As to whatever compliment such a bauble may be.
Well in past years Dubbya has given it to Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Rita Morena, Charlton Heston - all actors like yourself.

This is what Dubbya's press secretary told the media last Monday:
"President Bush will award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, and former Prime Ministers Tony Blair of the United Kingdom and John Howard of Australia, on Tuesday, January 13th, in an East Room ceremony. The President is honoring these leaders for their work to improve the lives of their citizens and for their efforts to promote democracy, human rights and peace abroad. All three leaders have been staunch allies of the United States, particularly in combating terrorism. And their efforts to bring hope and freedom to people around the globe have made their nations, America and the world community a safer and more secure world. The Medal of Freedom is the nation's highest civil award and was established by executive order in 1963. The President has previously awarded 78 medals during his tenure."
Yup, this award has nothing to do with reality and is clearly intended for those intimately acquainted with the nether regions of a US president who'll be leaving by the back door in about two weeks time.
So, as I know you and yours would've lobbied hard to get this bauble, please take all the credit, John.
Most Aussies don't want or need it I'm sure.

A look at The Age poll yesterday morning:

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