Wednesday, 7 January 2009

That tinnie Malcolm Turnbull!

There's a site called Website Outlook which will quote a dollar value on websites indexed by the large search engines.
I've just run the Federal Leader of the Opposition's own through the mix and Truffles' little blog is worth around US$5635.6 in today's values.
His sidekick, Deputy-Leader Julie Bishop's is priced at an estimated US$2000.2 and Nationals Federal MP for Cowper Luke Hartsuyker's website is worth about US$1679.
By contrast the Labor Federal MP for Page Janelle Saffin's site is only worth around US$146.
The Nationals State MP for Clarence doesn't get a look in as he has opted for what appears to be a hosted page and is therefore worth nothing on the market it seems.
However, the major Aussie blogs beat the pollies hands down with Club Troppo coming in at US$5978.7, and Larvatus Prodeo at a whopping US$14381 to name two examples.

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