Thursday, 29 January 2009

Most inappropriate new awards in 2009

The Financial Times and ArcelorMittal will be holding the inaugural Boldness In Business Awards 2009 gala dinner in March to announce the winners nominated for 'boldness' in 2008.
With 2008 seeing the financial mismanagement tsunami roll across international borders and devastate national economies, there are going to be few nominations of any merit to consider.
Indeed, with corporate misfortune striking so quickly it is likely that some nominees are no longer among those considered successful.
With only little more than a month to go, only five contenders for awards are listed in the Readers' Award section.
Bet Lionel Barber is a bit sorry that TFT agreed to partner this now.
Never mind, cobber - you can always catch a flight back to England to hide from any temporary embarrassment.

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