Sunday, 5 July 2009

And then he drove me mad

There is no excuse for domestic violence and even though we all know this such violence often goes unaddressed by families and communities alike.

So it was interesting to come across the website He Drove Me Mad: our traumatic experiences shared.

This is a safe place that we hope will make you feel that you are not alone, where we can share our experience of "madness" in the aftermath of domestic violence and can heal from our experiences. A portal through which we can support one other as we navigate through the effects of trauma with shared stories, personal experience and information.

This site offers you a way to

  • affirm your experiences
  • involve you in conversation with people who have similar experiences
  • provide a forum where you can feel listened to
  • enable you to share your experience in order to help and support others
  • get information and have your questions answered
  • help you find support, encouragement and ideas to help you heal

The sites contains a number of forum and information sharing pages for people who have experienced domestic violence and, although a New Zealand-based site is available to Australian women.

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