Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Keerrong & The Channon Says No To CSG: becomes first NSW North Coast community to lock its land and roads

Hundreds of committed citizens of Keerrong and The Channon form a human map of our roads and creeks. The legal system and governments have failed us. Now we're taking a stand. We won't let gas miners contaminate our water, air and land with toxic chemicals. Through grass-roots public meetings and surveys, we reached a 99% majority decision to close our roads and valleys to Coal Seam Gas mining. We're saying to the miners: 'You're not coming here'. As we present the CSG-free road declarations to our mayor, we celebrate the strength of community. This video launches the CSG-free Community Strategy in the Northern Rivers, NSW Australia. We're taking back our communities from the gas miners.

To find out how to make your community CSG Free, go to

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