Monday, 5 July 2010

Shame on you all! When election promises go south

Image of O'Farrell and Cansdell from Steve Cansdell MP's Clarence Chronicles, June 20120

From Clarence Valley Review letters to the editor on 30 June 2010:

Expecting a lot

In response to the article "Don't expect too much from Coalition, says Nats Chair" (CVR 23/6/10) I believe the electorate is expecting a lot.
If the Coalition Party does not and probably never intended to complete the Pacific Highway upgrade by 2016 then I say to those politicians, including the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Barry O'Farrell shame on you for exploiting those families who have roadside memorials to their deceased family members along the Pacific Highway.
I recall the many photographs which included Mr Cansdell taken beside these memorials in the printed media and on television trying to extract sympathy votes from the electorate.
I say shame on you all. Are there no politicians today with any dignity and fortitude in standing up for what they believe in without having to toe a party line?
The Coalition Party are backing away from every key commitment espoused by Mr Steve Cansdell against the present basket case State Government.
The electorate are not fools, it is the same old ploy used by all political parties when an election is imminent that any incoming Government will have a "very bare cupboard".
Is there no one out there who has dignity, honesty, shows respect for others and have a desire to help every member of the Community by becoming an Independent member?
If so, please step forward, we need you.

Lyne Dobson, Waterview Heights

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Anonymous said...

Talking about the NSW Coalition, on Friday I participated in a telephone interview for the purpose of a poll about voting behaviour, intentions and views about politics, politicians and would-be-politicians.

The poll, which was conducted by an indepependent (yes, I know that's a dubious description) polling organisation, was obviously funded by the National Party. Most questions posed by the interviewer came as no surprise. For example, what was my view about Gillard, Rudd, Abbott, Swan and similar persons? I must admit that I had to pause for a moment when asked about Truss and think who on earth the interviewer was referring to - it was the rabbit variety, not the roof structure- but ...

One question came from outside the the playing field. "How did I rate Richie Williamson?"

Knowing Richie to be the local mayor (Clarence Valley Council) I was a bit amused/bemused why his name would be mentioned in the same context as Thomas George, Don Page and steve Cansdell.

What prize does Richie have his eyes on?

I contacted Centrebet, thinking that perhaps someone had wagered on a smoky outsider, but was told no such beast had been nominated for any geldings event on the current calendar.

Consequently, I'm none the wiser, but perhaps Steve's waiting room has a semi-permanent lodger.