Friday, 16 July 2010

Where I decide to go fishing and almost miss Barry O'Farrell making a right twit of himself...

Looked at the sky early yesterday morning and decided it mightn't be a bad day to wet a line.
Imagine my surprise on returning to shore to discover it wasn't only the fish that had been taking the bait - NSW Lib leader Barry O'Farrell had also been swiftly reeled in by the Twitterverse.

benraue: Did @barryofarrell just accidentally tweet a 'deeply off the record' comment to @latikambourke?
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stilgherrian: Is "Rangatweetgate" a word? Well it is now. #rangatweetgate #rtg via TweetDeck Retweeted by benraue and 2 others

Bazza's loose lips explain why Coalition candidates on the NSW North Coast are so lacklustre - only second stringers are applying!

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