Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Well that's telling her! Those flying monkeys take to the air in pursuit of Julia Gillard

Female, redheaded, unmarried, childless, self-declared non-believer and a former students union leader - one knew it wouldn't be long before the seriously strange inhabitants of Wingnut Land came out against new Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

This is the opening salvo on a Facebook group Julia Gillard Is A Communist, A Traitor And A Threat started by one Paulus in 2007 and now assisted by 236 followers as of last Monday:

Julia Gillard is a traitor, a communist and a threat to Australia if Rudd gets into power.

Barren, heartless, no clue about family and no sense of god. Just read the article below about her time during the 80's to get some idea about her beliefs. .....Don't kid yourself people don't change, she's playing the wolf in sheeps clothing.........

Like all communists, she is evil, souless, godless and corrupt.

She and her union run left-wing labour cronies must be stopped at all costs.

While this group Julia Gillard - Charged for Treason (created by Australian Constitution, Aaron and Greg with 353 followers) which popped up around 27 June 2010 goes even further, by rendering a rather unique interpretation of certain laws and blaming then fairly new federal MP Gillard for state legislation introduced in West Australia in 2003 and Victoria in 2000:

Julia Gillard - Charged for treason - concealing the following offenses from the people of Australia as the then Deputy Prime Minister.

Sections 121 through to 130 of the Acts Amendments Repeal Courts and Legal Practice Act, state the removal of the Crown from Western Australia.

Provided reference here:
(Please note this now an Act)

... Also the Oath of Allegiance was removed in Victoria by the Courts and Tribunals Legislation (Further Amendment) Act 2000

Provided reference here:


None of which have had the required referendum.
We have not had a referendum since 1999.

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Anonymous said...

if she continues with her current race to the bottom with tony on asylum seekers i will have to agree with all the comments i cannot remember a pm who has let us all down so fast